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Anthropology Unit

Anthropology Unit | University of Geneva

Alicia Sanchez-Mazas

Professeure ordinaire

Full Professor

Head of the Anthropology Unit of the Departement of Genetics and Evolution (UA-GENEV)
Member of the Laboratory of Anthropology, Genetics and Peopling history (AGP)

Teaching and Research in anthropology, evolution and human population genetics

Academic responsabilities

Vice-head and students' advisor for the Biology Section

Outreach activities:

  • Radio/television interviews

  • Courses, "cafés scientifiques" and conférences for high school students, the general public and et the media on human evolution from the point of view of paleoanthropology (fossils), biometry (morphometric traits, skin colour, etc) and population genetics.

  • Participation to scientific exhibitions, articles and books on human diversity, human race concept, etc.

Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
University of Geneva
Dpt. of Genetic & Evolution
Anthropology Unit
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30
1205 Genève
Ph +41 22 379 69 67
Fax +41 22 379 31 94