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Anthropology Unit

Anthropology Unit | University of Geneva

Claudio Quilodran


PhD student in Laboratory of anthropology, genetics and peopling history and in Laboratory of Molecular phylogeny and evolution in vertebrates

Research project

Interspecific hybridization

Natural hybridization has played an important role in the evolution of many plant and animal taxa. However, when hybridization is caused by anthropogenic factors it may lead to serious consequences for biological conservation. This is particularly true in native rare or threatened species, because if the population size is too small we expect a gradual replacement of their genotype by hybrids.

This research project aims to model the impact of anthropogenic changes on the genetic integrity of organisms due to interspecific hybridization. We will highlight the potential effects of exotic invasive species and habitat modifications, due in particular to global climate change.

The final goal of this project is to estimate under which conditions the increasing rate of hybridization can affect the extinction risk of organisms and to provide guidance concerning the kind of data required to propose potential conservation strategies.

For more information please consult the website of my PhD project

Claudio Quilodran
Claudio Quilodran
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