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Anthropology Unit

Anthropology Unit | University of Geneva

Pascale Gerbault

Maître assistante


  • PhD Evolutionary Genetics, Modelling demographic and evolutionary history: Integrating genetic and archaeological data, University College London, UK, 2009-2013
  • MSc Molecular Biology, X-chromosome diversity in French-Canadian populations, University of Montreal, Canada, 2005-2006
  • MA Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Westminster, 2016-2018
  • MA Genetic Anthropology, mtDNA haplogroup diversity in an Aymara population, University of Toulouse / Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France, 2004
  • BSc Biology of Organisms, Populations and Ecosystems, University of Toulouse /University of Bordeaux, France, 2002-2003


  • Global Challenge Research Fund 3 years PhD project supervision, Prevalence of treponematoses syphilis and yaws in Ghana, University of Westminster, UK, 2019
  • Phase 4 Excellence with Impact 17/18 award Quintin Hogg Trust University Strategic Research Fund, Pilot project on the prevalence of treponemal diseases in Ghana, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, UK, 2018


  • Senior Research Assistant in Anthropology and Immunogenetics, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2021-present
  • Lecturer in Life Sciences, School of Life Sciences, University of Westminster, UK, 2016-2021
  • Post-Doctoral Research Associate, University College London, UK, 2013-2016
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 2008


Undergraduate students:
  • First year undergraduate module leader (Applications of Biological Sciences), University of Westminster, UK, 2017-2021.
  • Genetic inheritance; Introduction to statistics; Biochemistry practical/tutorials; Cell Biology tutorials; Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium and applications; Introduction to R-programming to research project students, University of Westminster, UK, 2016-2021.
  • Open Days, clearing, lab-tasters, University of Westminster, UK, 2016-2021.
MSc students:
  • Introduction to R-programming to research project students, University of Westminster, UK, 2019
  • Introduction to Population Genetics and Human Evolution (Seminar series Anthropological and Archaeological Genetics module), University College London, 2010-2015
  • Biomathematics, 2008, University of Geneva
PhD students (workshops):
  • Identifying signals of natural selection, The Population genomics: background and tools summer school, EMBO course Naples, Italy, 2017, ELIXIR course Naples, Italy, 2018
  • Introduction to simulation modelling in archaeology and population genetics in R, University College London, 2015
  • Introduction to statistics using R, University of Bristol, 2014
  • Introduction to programming in Python, University College London, 2010
Other post-graduate courses:
  • Research methods in Biology, University of Geneva, 2021
  • Computer skills for Biological research, University of Geneva, 2021


  • Peer-reviewing for academic international Journals, including Scientific Reports, American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Annals of Human Genetics, and Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA), PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2010-present
  • Guest Editor, Supplement Issue on Evolutionary Genomics of Evolutionary Bioinformatics Journal, 2015.
  • Setting up a Departmental post-doctoral network, University College London, UK, 2014-2015.
  • Contributor to Divisional ATHENA SWAN application, University College London, UK, 2015
  • Symposium co-organiser: Ancient genomes: a time machine for investigating selection, annual meeting of the Society of Molecular Biology Evolution, Austria, 2015
  • Co-organiser of Departmental seminar series, University College London, UK, 2012-2013
  • Guest scientific expert on Races and human migrations, workshop for international artists, The Art Catalyst, organised by N. Triscott, London, UK, 2019
  • Scientific volunteer at the 15 years Science 4u School Day event, University of Westminster, UK, 2018-2019
  • Outreach talk Are we still evolving?, British Science Festival, Newcastle, UK, 2013.


  • Are we still evolving? 50,000 years of human history in our DNA: What consequences for the future? Grand Conférence of the Académie des Sciences, Paris, 2021
  • The Evolution of Lactase Persistence in Europe, European Association of Archaeology, 2017, Maastricht, Netherlands, 2018, Barcelona, Spain
  • Testing goat domestication hypotheses using coalescent and approximate Bayesian computation approaches, International Conference of Archaeozoology, Paris, France, 2016
Pascale Gerbault
Pascale Gerbault
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