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Anthropology Unit

Anthropology Unit | University of Geneva

AGP 1996 publications

  1. Dard, P.; Sanchez-Mazas, A.; Dugoujon, J.-M.; De Lange, G.; Langaney, A.; Lefranc, M.-P.; Lefranc, G. (1996) DNA analysis of the immunoglobulin IGHG loci in a Mandenka population from Eastern Senegal: correlation with Gm haplotypes and hypotheses for the evolution of the Ig CH region. Human Genetics , 98:36-47, .
  2. Excoffier, L.; Poloni, E.S.; Santachiara-Benerecetti, S.; Semino, O.; Langaney, A. (1996) The molecular diversity of the Niokholo Mandenkalu from Eastern Senegal: An insight into West Africa genetic history. In: Boyce AJ and Mascie-Taylor CGN, eds. Molecular Biology and Human Diversity. Cambridge University Press , Cambridge, pages: 141-155, .
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