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Anthropology Unit

Anthropology Unit | University of Geneva

AGP 1999 publications

  1. Hill, A.V.S.; Sanchez-Mazas, A.; Barbujani, G.; Dunston, G.; Excoffier, L.; Hancock, J.M.; Klein, J.; Meyer, U.A.; Motulsky, A.G.; Presciuttini, S.; Wishart, W.; Langaney, A. (1999) Human genetic variation and its impact on public health and medicine. In: Stearns, S.C., eds. "Evolution in Health and Disease". Oxford University Press , Oxford, pages: 62-74.
  2. Quintana-Murci, L.; Semino, O.; Poloni, E.S.; Liu, A.; Van Gijn, M.; Passarino, G.; Brega, A. et al (1999) Y-chromosome specific YCAII, DYS19 and YAP polymorphisms in human populations: a comparative study. Ann Hum Genet , 63:153-166.
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