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Eric Huysecom

Professeur honoraire

Curriculum vitae

Born November 13, 1956 in Ixelles (Belgium)
Married, one child
Languages: French, German, English, Dutch, Bambara.


  • PhD in pre- and protohistoric archaeology, Wolfgang-Goethe-University Frankfurt, doctoral thesis presented in 1985: «Stand der archäologischen Forschung in Westafrika»;
  • Aggregation for higher secondary education, University of Brussels (1981);
  • Licence in Art History and Archaeology (orientation pre- and protohistory), University of Brussels (1979).


  • Professor (100%) at the Departement of anthropology & ecology of the University of Geneva;
  • Invited professor at the Departement of History and Archaeology of The University of Bamako (since 2006)
  • Guest professor at several universities (Neuchâtel, Conakry, Bamako, since 1989).
  • Director of LAPA Laboratory of Archaeology and Population of Africa (since 2010) ;
  • Coordinator of the international and interdisciplinary research programm «Human population and paleoenvironment in West Africa», which unites researchers from 11 universities and institutions in Switzerland, Mali, France, Germany and the UK (since 1996) ;
  • President of the «Cercle genevois d'archéologie» (since 2001) ;

Teaching areas

  • Archaeological methodology, African prehistory and protohistory, ethnoarchaeology (lectures and seminars);
  • Supervisor of MA dissertations and PhD thesis of students of the Universities of Geneva, Paris X, Neuchâtel, Basel and Bamako.

Other functions

  • Since 2003: Steering committee member of the programm EARTH, Early Agriculturals Remnants and Technical Heritage at the European Science Foundation (ESF);
  • Since 2002: Main Collaborator of the programm Environmental Factors in the Chronology of Human Evolution and Dispersal organised by the British Natural Environment Research Council ;
  • Since 1995 : Associated researcher of the U.M.R. 5060 «Métallurgies et Cultures» of the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique).
Eric Huysecom
Eric Huysecom
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