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Mederic Mouterde



My PhD research is focused on the adaptation of modern humans to different chemical environments (including dietary environments) by using a group of genes of great medical interest: drug metabolizing (ADME) genes. This approach involves the collection and generation of both phenotypes and genomics data from diverse and newly sampled human populations.


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  • de Villemereuil, P., Gaggiotti, O. E., Mouterde, M., & Till-Bottraud, I. (2016). Common garden experiments in the genomic era: new perspectives and opportunities. Heredity, 116(3), 249.

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  • Mouterde M., Daali Y., Rollason V., Al-Yahyaee S., Boukouvala S., Yimer G., Černý V., Desmeules J. & Poloni E. S. (in prep.). Analysis of population structure between Africa and Europe reveals unexpected high genomic diversity in a homogenous human population.

Mederic Mouterde
Mederic Mouterde
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