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Anthropology Unit

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UA publications

Publications are organised by laboratory. The latest publications are displayed below. For the complete list, please follow the relevant laboratory link below.

Latest AGP publications

  1. Gloor Y. S., Matthey A., Sobo K., Mouterde M., Kosek E., Pickering G., Poloni E. S., Cedraschi C, Ehret G., Desmeules J. (2022) Uncovering a Genetic Polymorphism Located in HAP1 in Modulation of Central Pain Signaling Pathways. Frontiers in neuroscience,
  2. Gombault C., Grenet G., Segurel L., Duret L., Gueyffier F., Cathébras P., Pontier D., Mainbourg S., Sanchez-Mazas A., Lega J.-C. (2022) Population designations in biomedical research: Limitations and perspectives. HLA. 2022; 1- 13. DOI:
  3. Di D., Thomas J. S., Currat M., Nunes J.-M., Sanchez-Mazas A. (2022) Challenging ancient DNA results about putative HLA protection or susceptibility to Yersina pestis. Molecular Biology and Evolution, msac073. DOI:
  4. Silva N. M., Kreutzer S., Souleles A., Triantaphyllou S., Kotsakis K., Urem‑Kotsou D., Halstead P., Efstratiou N., Kotsos S., Karamitrou‑Mentessidi G., Adaktylou F., Chondroyianni‑Metoki A., Pappa M., Ziota C., Sampson A., Papathanasiou A., Vitelli K., Cullen T., Kyparissi‑Apostolika N., Lanz A. Z., Peters J., Rio J., Wegmann D., Burger J., Currat M., Papageorgopoulou C. (2022) Ancient mitochondrial diversity reveals population homogeneity in Neolithic Greece and identifies population dynamics along the Danubian expansion axis. Sci Rep 12, 13474 DOI:

Latest APA publications

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