Sciences II, room A300, University of Geneva

Welcome to this crucial symposium organized by the University of Geneva on a fascinating topic: what differentiates our species from our closest relatives, the great apes, at the genomic level.

Three eminent specialists will address this issue through specific approaches: the story according to chromosome rearrangements, the analysis of the MHC complex, and recent evidence based on next generation sequencing data.

Innumerable questions will certainly arise after these presentations around a central theme: how did these species diverge from each other? This is why the symposium also schedules enough time for discussion. We expect that both speakers and attendees, among whom we hope to welcome many PhD students, will round-up their knowledge on what makes us humans and the great apes what they are.


Evolution of the MHC in primates: about polymorphisms and plasticity

Photo of Prof. Ronald Bontrop
Prof. Ronald Bontrop
Biomedical Primate Research Centre, Rijswijk, Netherlands